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St. Josephs CBS Primary School, Dublin

Sensory Rooms

Our sensory rooms are now completed.  We are so happy to introduce our sensory/activity room including ball pit, sand pit, liquid sensory mats, swing, and wall activities.  This area will stimulate children with sensory issues, sensory integration challenges,  or developmental delays, it will be a welcome addition for all children in our school.    We also have our regulation room, equipped with trampoline, climbing walls and crash mats. specifically designed for children requiring a release of energy, each piece is specific to parts of the body which aim to provide pupils with the individualised sensory input they need to self-regulate, so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with their peers in the classroom.   Our last room, the meditation relaxation room, allows children, after regulating to cool down and be in the moment. Preparing them to return to class. spending some time in the meditation room remind them to stay calm and practice calmness on returning to class.  These rooms are inclusive to all children in our school, any child that struggles in the classroom can avail of these facilities.   A huge thank you to the IFSC trust for funding a large portion of these rooms.